Using Video Camera Instead of Still Camera

Good idea Greg.
Sort of a video summary of the inspection + a general discussion of the curb appeal, positive attributes etc.
I always try to include a few positive aspects of the home in my Conclusion.
Video would add to it .

Advice: Don’t pan the camera. Just do what Greg does but make sure you shoot each component or system of interest and cut. The panning is what will get you into trouble.

I agree. I have found that just taking short clips of each issue works best. The video I linked to is made up of over 20 clips.

There is still a lot I would like to do with it. I want to make an introduction that can be added to each video. I would also like to find a way to video myself giving a brief overview at the end (just a one man outfit for now).

I can’t wait to see where this goes over the next year.

I agree that in some instances a video may have marketing appeal; however, the original post had to do with a video “reducing liability” — to which I will still stand behind my former response.

Sorry to take the thread off topic.

I don’t disagree and I understand your point. But I could just use a screwdriver and flashlight if my decision to use each tool was based on the liability it brings me.

I just loved that backyard so I couldn’t resist.

Love it!

Many have been doing this for quite some time using the Video feature on their still camera at the end of the Inspection.

Cant see much value in it myself, might have to reconsider. :smiley:

If you guys wish to advance the idea go here…

You need to create video thumbs with text comments on issues that can go to a printable summary for the Lawyer stuff.
I have been working off videos since I started and have thought about this many times.
You need to create thumbs on say a left hand column and then produce a text summary on the right in the same row.

Remember it takes up space so there are online options also if you need to say use a still picture link.

That may be the best option for doing this

I understand that liability is never truly curable in a home inspectors career, and maybe the idea of video to assist in collecting the data and defects inside a home is a stretch, but I believe its a step in the right direction. In an age where cell phone apps and youtube have become dominant in just about every aspect in life, we are forced to adapt to the future customer and accommodate them with what they use in everyday life. Live streaming of home inspections to people who live out of state, and giving customers a full detailed look into what there buying can really define the home inspectors role in our immediate future. I think of it like the computer, there was an time where no one could ever think we would be carrying those monstrous, desktops around in our back pocket, but at present time its almost required. These gadgets are becoming more accessible, smaller and easier to use. So why not use them?

Greg, that was pretty decent “General Overview” of the inspection. I agree it misses the majority of a detailed inspection, but it does give a good view of what you do shoot. Also it obviously will add a bit of time to do as well as the time to edit and put together on the report, But overall I commend you for the “Thinking Outside The Box” and looking to the future.

Jim :cool:


I like it… how much additional time did that add to your inspection and report. Did the client ask for this service?


Good stuff.

Hi Tim,

It probably adds another 20 minutes to the inspection. I record as I move through my routine.

I experimented with it a few years ago but the cameras were not as advanced as they are now. I had a commercial client that asked for a video of the property and surrounding area. I decided to start using it on residential inspections. Like all things it gets better every time.

I bought 3 cameras to experiment with (Flip, Kodak and JVC). I finally decided on the flip. The biggest reason being that the software was the easiest to work with.

I still have a long way to go.

A general overview was exactly what I intended it to be. Hopefully it will provide a competitive edge until everyone starts doing it.

Is you tube your method of delivery?
Have you tried any other method of upload or delivery to a client?

I may try one myself soon and instead of one video I will use multiple videos split up by system.

Would use it for clients not at the site and tag them.

Yes I use you tube. I make it an unlisted video.

You feel compelled to add commentary about the positive aspects of the home? Why? Just to destroy the credibility of your report by helping the agent sell the piece of crap? Well yeah he found all these defects but look at the birds in the trees and the frollicking squirrels. This home could be best appreciated with a cool beverage as the sun sets over the canal. Please just the facts man. Give me a break I hope you were joking, we have had a guy around here that litterally wrote some of that crap at the end of the report. Fact is we are hired to perform the service of identification of deficiencies and to inform the client about the materials and methods of construction. Don’t feel bad about it and don’t stray form the mission and task at hand. Report your observations about the condition of the home and it’s components without any concern beyond that and the liability you face in the process. Video can be a useful tool in that regard and will undoubtably become more commonly used by all good inspectors as time goes by. I would charge extra for it though.