Using Video Camera Instead of Still Camera

Searching for other Inspectors opinion using a Video Camera during home inspections and taking stills out of the video vs still camera pictures. Has anyone considered doing this? Is it legal? For me it would be more practical and efficient vs using a still camera.

You would still need a summary generated in text.

I think it could have it’s uses.
I would like to see the capability added to home inspection software.

Basically the video would be stored and used as documentation/record for all non-scope and possible missed items that could present an issue, similar to what some inspectors do, taking several 100 photos and storing them in a database. I ask this because Ive come across so many liability issues with home inspections, and im always searching for new ways to protect myself.

Many say there is a liability. Say your filming an inspection and in the back ground you miss something and they catch it. Your BUSTED. If its ONLY video, then someone will have to watch it, write it all down and then submit the repairs to be fixed.

I thought about it and am working on some stuff…but until I get it proper, I shall keep it in my pee sized brain…

Hey Go Go, are you related to Inspector Gadget?

No haha

Can anyone recommend Home Inspection Training Courses? Looking to get some more education in my field. Looking for quality and extensive training.

Name and attitude is very unprofessional, IMO.

When it comes to “liability”, nothing beats the good old-fashioned accurate, complete and unbiased home inspection report provided to a client who is satisfied and grateful that you did your job well and who is confident that you are available to respond to their future questions and issues.

Those who rely upon gimmicks, gadgets and tricks often die by them, as well.

With that attitude nothing will evolve. I personally think you will die with your attitude. If your not changing and constantly looking for ways to better your process, better serve the client and change with every changing technology, then you will be left in the dark. I remember when IR was a “gadget”. “NACHI” was a gimick…

Pictures and videos do not show many of the issues I find with houses. This job requires a detailed close up study. Anyone walking around with a video camera would look like a joke and miss about 1 mil a year in defects.

I am not saying video is an answer, I am saying its a thought. At least one is THINKING of a way to improve our process and who knows where it may lead. Look at this organization, I think it was started by a guy who didn’t like the REQUIREMENTS ASHI MANDATED…Now look at it. How many laughed at him? How many told him he was a joke and it was a stupid idea?

Any time I hear ANY idea, my first thought…I mean my very first thought is YES, it will work. Then I try to figure out a way. Many times the way is never figured out, but at least an attempt is given. I despise the word NO, without any thought or attempt at making it work.

I personally think video is the next progression of the inspection industry. Where its exact place is, who knows? You can study a house and explain it to Einstein, if your client doesn’t understand it, its absolutely useless. What better way to explain something than a video? For a person who does not know what a apple is, it can take me 20 minutes to explain it on paper, or 20 seconds on video.

Go go gadget, is on to something. Exactly what? I don’t know…

For each of us here, its a personally owned business and how we conduct it, is the best for each of us. My process works for me, but may not work in Idaho. So to each his own and I hope he does something with video, would be nice to see where it fits in our profession.

I have been working with video for about the last month. I am very excited about the prospect of what it can bring to the inspection. I think that it will give me a competitive edge. I still have a lot of improvements to make. Here is a sample.

Now be easy on me it is still a work in progress.

LOL! Kind of like walking into a Lamborghini Dealership and asking if they know where you can get a really fast car.

NACHI has the best education available to a home inspector. It is all free to members.

I had a commercial client that wanted a video of the building. That is what got me thinking about offering it with a home inspection. The cameras have really come along way in the last couple of years. One agent from the Villages has called me twice wanting me to come up there to perform inspections because I offer a video.

Congrats Greg…way to look outside the box!

If you have a client wanting a video that is good, just don’t get a false sense of security and think that device is going to show all the problems you should be finding. You will need to get the video camera out after you have finished inspecting.

That’s exactly the procedure that I use now. I inspect first and then take the video. The video is just a compliment to the written report. I had a house where the chimney was leaking. I did bring some of the rotten wood out of the attic with me. But the client and seller really understood the problem after watching the video.