Going to be discussing video more in the future

The reason I am in full swing with a video heavy Home Inspection Report becomes more clear if you watch these two fast passed and informative videos.

That’s why I do this

Looks good …Pan shot needs to be smoother however.Noticed the Movie Maker fadeaway:)

Hey how about a single rock cord that fades during pan then builds up instead of the ding ding.?

Did you know that you can get royalty free music from YouTube for your videos? https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

I smoothed out the video can you tell the difference?

Yeah researched you tube this afternoon.
With a few bigger jobs coming up this week need to get a cloud storage fast.

You tube not for me other than marketing and pleasure.

I’m opposed to using video inside home inspection reports.

Why is that?

It’s the future and am living it now.
Most perfect note taker ever.

No need to geek out typing ,using checklists,or hand signals in pictures.

I simply aim and talk for 2 seconds anyplace I would take a picture which makes it pretty much a talking picture.
Exact location is a snap with a pan shot,Issues are perfectly shown with both image and sound with no questions asked.

Leaving in a little bit to inspect a property for a client not present investor ] who will see everything I see .

I agree it is not for those inexperienced that may need to cover up mistakes however .

But for me it is perfect as far as I can tell.

If I forget something or can not access something it is still reported as always.

Total transparency.

I work hard and have no problem sharing it because they are amazed how much I look at .

Secondary benefit is it forces me to focus even more on my surroundings and do a better job.

Every issue is with text and a picture so video is used to get all the minor details out of the way of consuming time I need to focus on the more important aspects of the report.

Me too.
Unless it is the only way an issue can be explained.

From Illinois SOP:

At the conclusion of the home inspection, a home inspector shall submit a written report, which can be in electronic format (including electronic signature),

Being Mysterious or simply because you do not know how to do it properly ?
yet ]

People are afraid of the unknown and always resist change much like the old paper checklist guys .

I do know how to do it properly.

I say you do not because my method is different and fast.
My entire inspection for 3-4 hours is recorded in about 10 minutes .

You think you know and base your negativity to new ways based on limited knowledge according to what you think .

Best Report I have seen in HG is the one Russel did…it has tons of video.

Frank yours is great to :slight_smile:

I definitely would also like to know why you are against videos Nick?

Liability concerns? The slippery slope of making EVERYTHING a video note?

I was on the verge of introducing video to my reports.

Continue Jay.
Need to leave but my method is pretty much a talking picture and no more difficult than taking one.
If you know what to type or where to slot a picture on mobile then you can do video,
2-3 second sound bites.

The purpose of a video is to show something happening. A home inspection is a snap shot in time, a record of the state of something at a particular instant. They are opposites.

I don’t even think video has a place in marketing of home inspectors as consumers don’t research inspectors long enough to watch a video ad.

There is only one use for video in our industry, and that is for SEO. That’s why we spend so much time on our video ad scripts. Those scripts we create for you are reverse engineered. They are then listened to by google, who then uses voice recognition technology to convert our scripts back into text, and then uses that text to optimize their search results. Google owns YouTube BTW. That, in a nutshell, is how InterNACHI’s video ads are beneficial to inspectors: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/custom-online-video-ad.aspx

Really …Now that I think about it …WTF you talking about …:slight_smile:

I just came back from a 1 bedroom highrise.Showed cabinet door rubbing top of fridge with sound effects.Had a light going off by itself in the bathroom that had a step down transformer and loose 110 wiring on top which I showed,Clients not on site and did a video tour,deadbolt not latching and showed my struggle ,hall switch going to nothing as I demoed,passive kitchen vent not holding paper which I showed and made everything clear with video.Nick you are a trendsetter so please do not get old and set in your ways on me .
I am going to pioneer this thing.
Tomorrow one of my jobs is a 100 year old 3 flat and it is really going to shine.
I am excited and like a kid in a candy store so do not be Debbie Downer.
It will be clear once I start posting more on this .
Very soon.

Yes video sucks sooo bad you keep producing them and even have a studio but you are thinking wrong and assuming all video is slow and boring .You ever try “snap video” ?

Sorry you are wrong and I will be proving it every day.:wink:

Might be best to watch this one minute video to help you understand as a picture tells a thousand words.

Perfect example. Most agents, and for that matter, most buyers, literally flip through inspection reports looking for important issues. Yes, maybe 1 in 25 clients are going to have no problem sitting through your entire video. But 24 in 25 want to flip through your report and jump back and forth to the few main concerns. That is very difficult to do with video. Photos work well for inspection reports because they explain the issue in an instant. Video doesn’t. Efficiently extracting information out of a video is a biatch.

In business, you can’t be everything to everyone, but you can play the odds. I suspect you’ll piss off more clients than anything.