Anyone taken Video at home inspections?

I been taken video of the outside and inside , for my information Just wondering if any else is doing this. It helps me a lot and if anything changes down the road i can review it.

Are you shooting one continous video during the entire inspection or room by room and labeling the file?

What i do is check the outside then shoot the video, zooming on problems and equipment. then the inside same thing . I shoot over the doors floors and so on . worked out so far,. I had someone ask about something i just went back to the video It wasn’t a problem when i was there .

You simply using your camera? Are you still taking pictures?

I use a jvc everio small not too expensive also can take snap shots to a card during the shooting of the video. Program that comes with allows uploading to utube

I use both Billy

hmmm interesting. So what exactly do you shoot video off. All defects? All major appliances?

all of it Billy i zoom on found defects then pan to the rest of the home , I try to get the whole home in each room . total outside including roof.Takes about 15 min. all together.

What are you using for a light source in basements, attics etc? I do video but many of my interior shots are too grainy because of low light, to be of much use.

George , the camera i have has low light on it, i just shine the stinger ahead seems to work. In crawl space if i can not get into a area i use a pole with a flip video camera and a small light atttached. seems like a lot of stuff to carry but really it is not if you find a problem. what i like about the JVC as your taken video you also can take a snap shot while shooting the video so you do not loose a step .
I know others will say to much for the trouble but it has paid for itself several times .
Just like the flir it is another helpful tool. I was even thinking of burning a CD to give to clients .

Just don’t connect it to your IR or HomeSafe will be after you! :wink:

I have considered this as I have a camera sitting around.

Doing large commercial Electrical/IR with 50 (+) panels etc can be fun to organize on paper, so I have been considering it again…

The way I read it Safehome invented or had something to do with IR technology back in the day. Why else would patent’s be approved in such grey areas and give one company the ability to corner the market when it comes to using a IR camera during a home inspection. Am I missing something David? I would love to invest in IR one day however it looks to me as if I need a HomeSafe license in order to do so.

I shoot a video from my digital camera of the roof when I walk it.
I also shoot a video of the attic. I show the video quickly at the end of my inspection using my 10inch netbook.
The customers seem to like it and let’s them become aware of what I can see and not see.

Yeah it works , Plus down the road it can save your butt when something pops up. I use a portable hard drive to store stuff , sooooooooo as long it doesnt go bad ill have the info

I have a FLIP camera that I take a quick inside (each room, attic and basement) and out video just prior to leaving. I do it just for reference if needed and also to show I returned the home to the condition I found it in (thermostat settings, doors closed and locked, etc.)

AN Billy when you get old you can use as your going through the report as a mind refresher lol , but you do not have to worry for awhile. I do not think home safe had to much to do with IR technology they may have got smart and got the use of it in certain aspects of home inspections reporting . It will be to interesting to see how it all turns out .

I need a refresher now what you talking about lol ;). As for InfraRed according to the link below it sounds like they had a hand in the technology developement unless I’m reading it wrong. What’s your thougts?…-methodologies

Lets not drift this thread about that IR stuff. There is plenty of that junk on other threads.

Thanks Wayne. Any recommendations for cameras? I assume that the solid state hard drive is a must for durability. My video has been dropped several dozen times and has survived to tell the tale but the low light capability is quite limited.

George the JVC has worked pretty good 300 GB storage micro card for stills, Auto light and low light conditions around 389.00 USA combined with the stinger flashlight does a goood job.