USInspect relocation inspections

Does anyone do or has done relocation inspections for USInspect.
Is there any bad Experiences.

I just sat in on a relo class at the AC conference that was put on by

What I got from it was that you have to use their report and it pays less. It could be a good way to fill your schedule if you are a one man show, or a good schedule filler if you have multiple inspectors to keep busy.

Being that I am a one man show right now I think I will continue to pursue ways to fill my schedule with full inspections, and keep this on the back burner for when I bring on additional inspectors.

They did say that they are consistent during slow and busy periods. There was no direct comments about USInspect except that they were one of the players in the business.

When shopping for a home a few years back there was a report available from this company.

Frankly, it was not worth much and had missed several very obvious and rather expensive issues.

I’m sure it depends on the individual inspector but what I saw was not good.

I just got an email from them yesterday to inspect a house 50 miles away. I had to politely say no thanks. Here is his email:

Good Afternoon,

My name is Ben, and I work for US Inspect. We manage residential inspections for relocation companies all across North America. I came across your information while searching for home inspectors near Lebanon, MO. We are contacting you to see if you would be interested in performing Relocation Property Assessments for us as a subcontractor. An RPA is performed in accordance with standards set forth by the Employee Relocation Counsel (ERC), and is used to determine what, if any, repairs a homeowner will need to make before the relocation company can take the property into inventory. We would also be interested in sending you Radon and WDO/Termite inspections if you perform them as well. Here are the prices we would pay:

• Property Assessment: $150
• Radon (must use continuous monitor): $75 w/RPA, $100 w/o RPA
• Termite: $45 w/RPA, $65 w/o RPA

I have attached our RPA report form for your review. We do have an 1,200 square foot property in Lebanon in need of inspection. Due to distance, there will also be a $30 travel fee added to your pay. Please let me know if you are interested in working together.

There were lots of complaints about them in the past. Maybe things have improved.

Thats the same email that i got.

WOW… they expect you to drive to Missouri??? :shock:


Home inspections with a checklist and must interview the seller as well all for less than half fee.
No Thanks.

You are not supposed to have any discussion with the seller at all.

Did you look at the PDF ?

Questions to Ask Homeowner
click here Do you have a private water supply?
click here Do you have an on‐site waste system (septic tank, cesspool, etc.) ?
click here Have you made any recent system upgrades? If yes, please explain below.
click hereAre you aware of any problems with the dwelling? If yes, please explain below.
click here Have you made any major additions during your ownership? If yes, please explain below.
click here Did you obtain all the proper permits for the work? If no, please explain below (not necessary etc.).
click here Is there any other information you would like to supply? If yes, please explain below.

Sorry Bob, I didn’t. I guess it must be different with all the different companies.

That was one of the things the speaker discussed during his presentation. Their company did not want you to discuss anything with the seller.

I think it could be beneficial for a multi-inspector firm, but I don’t think it’s for me right now.

Those kind of inspections lower your standards,take time away from your bread and butter,and kinda make you feel cheap.
Just me ,and I know people will slam me that any money is better than no money.

You can’t really lower your standards because another inspector will be coming in after you to inspect the house. It’s still a full home inspection, just a different type of client.

Because of the consistency once you are on their list I could see the benefit for a multi-firm that wants to always ensure work for their people.

There are definitely pro’s and con’s

Yes ,true and it is called filler work for a reason.
It is also a way to go out and network plus I suppose the seller will need a inspection as well…:slight_smile:

Yes, but they are usually relocating :slight_smile:

Well anyone selling is relocating…duh.
I thought the relocation part was the buyer.
The seller may be moving across the street.

This is my understanding of the relo inspection.

Your client is the relo inspection company. Their client is either a corporation, government agency, or other entity.

This entity is looking to purchase the home from their employee that they are relocating to another area. In order for them to make the decision on whether they will purchase the employees house they get the relo inspection done.

There may be other types of relo inspections out there as well, but this is how the process was described.

OK I thought they were buying housing for the relocation so never mind then.

Ok same minus the location. Mine was San Bernardino