VA and FHA loan Inspectors in Missouri

I just completed the initial certification through INTERNachi, but then someone had asked if I was certified for FHA and VA loan inspections. I can’t find specific info for that, does anyone have any insight on this?

There are no special requirements, or certifications, for either as far as home inspections.

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Thanks, it was a realtor that asked me that question. I was caught off guard because I wasn’t aware of any other requirements.

It has been my experience that the lender has their own inspector they send out to look for items specific to a VA, FHA or USDA loans. I carry a sheet with a dozen or so of the specific items the inspector will be looking at, If I know its that type of loan I will look for and note items on the list. For example if I inspect and older home with a 30 gallon water heater I will state VA requires a 40 gallon.

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Not in my area (Illinois). I have performed hundreds of inspections for those three types of loans. The appraisers are different, but not the home inspectors.

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