VA Loans

Can any home inspector inspect for va loans or is there a special requirement needed?
This in in Florida!

There are VA inspectors who do a service for the Veterans Administration but without knowing exactly what you are asking it is difficult to answer your question. Sometimes buyers get confused and ask if you, a HI, can inspect for VA loans, not knowing that usually this task has already taken place and usually long before the buyer ever sees the home. This is typically done if the home is new construction. There is a way to become a VA inspector, but you have to use their protocols and forms because the VA is very specific in what they want inspected and much of it does not transfer over into what we typically look for. (For example; there has to be a specific number of plants around the home, and things like that). The confusion often comes because the buyers are applying for a VA loan. The confusion comes from them not knowing the VA merely “guarantees” the loan but a lending institute (i.e. a bank, credit union, etc) still loans the money. In the event the buyers default and the home goes back to the bank the bank then in turn “sells” the home to the Federal Government and they in turn become responsible for and own the property, so the bank is out of the picture.
In those cases your home inspection is for the buyer and not the VA. Sometimes the lending institute will insist on the buyers having a home inspection but that again is NOT a VA inspection. To be honest there are some lenders who do not quite grasp the difference either and they are the ones who confuse the buyers. I hope this helps, but anytime you are dealing with the government the lines and definitions are convoluted and confusing by design.


I’m inspecting for the buyer not the Gov.
I guess I’m asking if it is like a 4 point ins inspection
will my standard inspection report be rejected by someone up the chain?

Thanks Doug, after re reading your post I understand.