Inspection for a VA Loan

Good afternoon,

I have a friend who is going to secure a VA loan to purchase their first home.

They will require a full home inspection.

Is my Florida Home Inspector’s license sufficient to provide this service?

Also is there a specific form that is required for the home inspection for a VA loan or can I use the same report I would use on any other home.



Look at this. All these government programs it’s hard to know. I just did one for a USDA loan. They said the homeowner can hire a properly licensed inspector.

Hey Justin,

We do them all the time. Standard Home Inspection. They will likely require a WDO/Termite inspection.
We have had some VA inspections were the buyer could NOT pay for the WDO/Termite. They actually had to show a paid receit from the seller for the WDO as part of finacing. Good Luck!

You can do it. The bank will send there own inspector out after you just like they do with an appraisal

Have done 3 in the past month. No problems.

Even in CA, the pest inspections for VA must be paid by someone else. Kinda crazy but whatever. I get the fee paid through escrow when doing a bundled inspection. (roof, pest, home).