Validity Of Recessed In-wall Low Voltage Plates?

Does anyone know what the general consensus is about these kind of newer recessed wall plates (essentially dressed up holes in the wall) for running low voltage cables, typically for wall mounted TVs?

I know that running any high voltage through such plates (including a TV power cord) is right out, and should never be done. But assuming no high voltage is run, are there code issues with having essentially two holes in an interior wall? What about exterior or garage walls?

How about cable ratings? I know there are CL3, in-wall rated HDMI cables and such, but are those required for situations like this, or only permanent in-wall situations with regular boxes and jack plates on both ends?


Cables that are in wall require a CL2 or CL3 rating.

You are fine Nathan.Looks Like a nice clean setup.Unless something is dangerous I stay away from entertainment wiring comments.
Most of the time you would lucky to see any kind of bushing or wall plate.

Thanks for the info! Sounds like CL2 or CL3 cables are a must.

There is just something to me that seems wrong about an open hole in the wall, especially if it is an exterior or garage wall. I haven’t really found any info online about these kind of plates one way or the other though.

PS: The pic is not mine, just an example I found. My wall mounted TV is done considerably more messy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see those plates all the time but why the concern over the rating of av cables

Robert, if those cables were routed through a loom, are they still considered “in wall”?

IMO no, but is the loom rated to be “in” the wall?

Would it need to be? A sleeve under a driveway for cables etc would not need to meet the same criteria as a conduit IMO. For example, if white PVC were installed through a block wall to allow pipes etc I see no reason for it to be rated the same as an electrical conduit.

Interested to hear your thoughts.

Good question, I would have to think about that one. :slight_smile:

See training materials.

Now see I am just the opposite. Even if the conductors are within a raceway within the wall I would still consider them in the wall. However, with different conditions possibly placed on them due to the raceway affording them additional protection but again since opinions are what they are…thats mine and the only rational I can give to that is this…if we install conductors in a raceway underground are the conductors still considered underground…YEP…in my humble opinion.

If the CL2 or CL3 cables are installed with proper listings then I have no issues with that as long as the openings in the wall does not compremise any fireblocking concerns established in the IRC.

As for the Coax Cable, that also has it’s own provision listing that I am sure is accounted for since most all CATV cable is but just figured it would be good to add.

As for the Loom itself. Not being a loom dealer myself I would have to look and see if it is possible listed in any way as communication raceway but I don’t know on that one. I can say that if the wall was a fire rated wall that the issue of the LOOM would probably be a no go since chances are it is not rated for a firewall installation. But again, I don’t know that for sure…someone google LOOMS…and I hope none of us come up in the search results:)