Roof valley

I am wondering how to comment on this valley.
What causes the edges to look this way as it is a newer roof.

Looks to me like an improper installation .
I think should of had woven shingles or a metal valley with a folded barrier .
Be interesting to see what the experts say. Is there lack of flashing at factia to the left also

Lack of attic ventilation??

Poor intall, looks like they didn’t the shingle from the dormer thru far enough, then probably gobbed a bunch of plastic cement under the edge. Looks like they did the same thing on the ridge cap on the right. Also did a poor job of cutting the valley. jmho

I see offset valleys around here but this one does not look right.
Metal flashings are usually on the McMansions with standard weaves the more common.

3 roof vents/no soffit but I could feel the air circulation and this one was just the last month.

Yeah that is kinda what I am starting to think and the front flashing is really patchy with no kickouts.
Just looking for report lingo on the valley to state my concern as it appears the water could push up and under.
Anyone have a good illustration of proper way to do the offset style?

Should I push to have a I recommend a licensed and certified Roofer examine. come out or just opinion it as a /monitor/ on the valley?

That’s a tough one, it will prabably last a few more years, should monitor for sure. How old do you think it is? Too bad, they did a really sh!tty job, the valley, ridge, they don’t lay fleat anywhere.

I reported that the cuts were poor and combined with the flashing (lack of) at the plumbing vents and front roof/wall flashing(no kickouts) was enough.
I recommend a licensed and certified Roofer examine.

Basically a sloppy job/cut. Page-2

Out to inspect but I saved that as a nice little index card type PDF for refresher reminder use.
Put on G doc and you can view from the phone.

I have seen this before. The roofer probably went over the rusted valley flashing. Generally they will tar and goop it first and then run the shingles over to the other side of the valley. This will work for some time but eventually moisture will get under the edge and run under the shingles to the existing valley. It is next to impossible to get a good seal with the shingle and tar bond on this kind of valley.

Is there a wood shingle roof underneath the COMP shingles?

We use asphalt comp and metal valley flashing’s are rare around here.
You think we are in Hollywood or what? :slight_smile:

Not sure I have even done a wood shingle roof…maybe once.

Only see wood shakes here on high end homes.

Some subdivisions in Naperville actually have association’s that require you to have wood shingled roofs.

I’ve seen a subdivision in Naperville that had a majority of homes covered in EIFS at one time. Lots of masonry and other veneers now.

I should have given you this mornings Inspection since you are a lot closer.
Heading out to Joliet this morning (over an hour drive).

The guy was a referral though and a code official so I am going.

Speaking of …:)Dan, I hate those closed sub-divisions where the guard has to call to let you in as it makes me feel like I am entering a prison.
Just looked at your sample…Hayward .WI lol go few times a year.

Bob…you are so right about the gated communities. I had that happen this last summer in Oakbrook. Rosemont is all gated…never did work there…(I’m guessing you do more work closer to Chicago).

My Grandparents built a house in Hayward in the 60’s; and then moved up there. Unfortunately the home was sold about 10 years ago…but I still get up there a couple times a year. The current owner still says he’s the proad owner of the only house on the lake with conduit!:wink:

Improper installation, Bob. The cut shouldn’t be more than a couple inches off the centerline, and it’s sloppy.