Valleys cut wrong; report verbiage

Was wondering if anyone has some report verbiage they could share for when the shingles in a cut valley are cut wrong in refenence to the larger or smaller planes of the roof and also if you recommend correction. Thanks.

Vally cut wrong.jpg

What exactly is wrong?

Nothing I can see.

2 different types of shingles ([FONT=Comic Sans MS]Three-tab shingles and dimensional)[/FONT]
Are you concerned with the transition in the valley, it looks good from here.
The Vent is not properly flashed

Looks like all dimensional shingles to me and it all looks good.

OP is referencing the larger roof plane is lapped first and the smaller roof is valley cut…should be the other way around. Don’t think this is a major defect but should be noted and checked for sealing under the cut.


You are correct that the cut side should be on the larger surface side so the water flows to the smaller roof field shingles. I have not had that occur here so I don’t have verbage

Upon further review I believe you right Russell, all dimensional shingles

No signs of problems, and yes shingles are sealed. Thanks all for your help.

Here Mike, from the InterNACHI Narratives:

                 *"**Valley shingles cut on wrong slope***

Properly installed asphalt shingles are not cut down the centerlines of valleys, cutlines should be offset approximately 2 inches toward the side of the roof with the larger square footage to help prevent runoff flowing down the slope from finding it’s way beneath shingles on the adjacent roof slope.
Shingles on this roof were cut on the wrong side of the centerline. This condition may increase the chances of roof leakage.
No leakage beneath valleys on this roof was visible at the time of the inspection."