Valuable Downloads from another site I found

I have not had the time to read through the information from these downloads I just recieved from another site yet, but at a cursory glance, many of you members will find this information very useful.


Thanks Ed…good stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks Ed.

Ed and others,

Joe has updated a lot of his information since the 1991 publication. For further info:

He has so many darned articles, it’s hard to sort out what is most relative. I linked the two above due to the great depth that the one had and it still seemed relevant to discuss or at least to pass on to others.



Hi Ed:

Saw and spoke to Joe Lstiburek this evening. He’s still a funny guy with an irreverent attitude towards those that are not moving ahead in the building industry. Still a force to be followed!!

His take on the US building industry (is this good …or bad?)…going to lose another 10-15% of the larger builders over the next 5-6 months then things should start to improve…Is he certain? No! Hoping!


That must have been a delight to meet someone of his stature, or was he saying the same thing about meeting you?

Any profound wisdom to be dispersed?


I get an error message . . . 404 Not Found . . . anyone else, or is it just me?


It worked when I originally posted it.

They shuffled documents around on their website frequently.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to find it again and repost it.