Vehicle Lettering Contest

I would like to send an inspector some lettering for their doors or windows.

All you have to do is post why you think you deserve or want some lettering. Most logos can be reproduced, however I would need a clean copy of it. I do not do digital, fades etc. I will cut the letters, then ship them to you with instructions on how to apply.

I hope this helps someone with their advertising and success in the home inspection industry.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth everyone!



What a generous offer. I misread your original post. Oh well.

I’m sure you will find someone here who is indeed deserving of your generosity.

Merry Christmas to you.


Very generous offer.

My reason is photographic proof the old magnets are outdated

and every one I’ve talked to says they can’t do the wolf

Here is what they should look like, imo

Cheryl, I lost my truck to the bank, I’ve been having some bad health problems the last few years,(1996)Doctor’s ordered me to quit work in 81, but they don’t pay my bills. My wifes son bought another truck for us but I don’t have the money to letter it. Anyway all of the test I’ve had lately finally discovered the latest problems(Low Cholesterol, chronic gastitis, Duodenitis, Acid Reflux 8 broken ribs, Back, Pelvis, left wrist and Intestinal Angina,(other than that I’m a Cherry) prescribed the right medicines to hopefully help me recover. I only say this because you asked, but I am about to lose my home and I cannot even afford the medicines I am taking now. I am stupid for saying this on this BB, because people will think I’m trying to milk the system, but I promise you I’m not( I will give you the DR.'s #'s),the signs would help me to get some work so I can pay my own way. So if no one else takes you up on your offer please consider me. Thanks, Ken Merry Christmas to you also. :smiley:


This is an awesome offer you are making. I currently have magnetic signs for the doors of my vehicle. I have been wanting to have the back window done, but I am limited in my area on businesses (small town thing) that I can use. They are also very expensive (my opinion), which makes it a project that needs future budgeting. I have just started up my HI biz going on one year ago, and have already depleted my advertising budget for the year. This time of year, business is very weak, and I feel it very important to keep my name in sight of future clients. I have had many comments from people that they have seen my vehicle buzzing around town (brand recognition). Unfortunately, one does not see my signage except from the side.

Thank you in advance for considering myself for your offer. I Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas & Holiday Season.


+1 for Jeff J…


Send me an e-mail with you address.

Very nice offer. I do not need additional “truck stuff” but think it is great for someone else.

Thanks for the vote :smiley:

I need to put one on that says “Thermal Imaging” but can get easily here due to a large market.
Give my thumbs up for Jeff.
Cheryl this is such a nice offer to help fellow inspectors. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.


Cheryl, nice offer I’ll be calling around March to have some lettering made up for my vehicle.

The signs are old and not very noticeable. I have 5 windows that I want to put lettering/decals on.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Wow Cheryl! Nice offer!

I had my truck stolen earlier this year, right after I finally sprung for rear window lettering:(. My truck was eventually recovered minus the rear decals (and my tools :twisted: ). I ordered more lettering and promptly put them on a little crooked:roll: … goes well with my cheezy side magnets though :p. I’m sure permanent side and rear lettering will help project a more professional image. My logo file is in various formats (jpeg, eps, png, etc.) which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me but I’m sure you know what it is ;-).

Thanks again for the great offer!
Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas everyone!


The same to you Cheryl!!

I have 2 magnetic signs but would like some professional lettering on the rear doors of my truck. However, Robert (with the stolen truck) seems like he may need it more than I.


Thanks Bruce but I pieced everything back together so I’m good. I don’t need it any more than the rest of us but I sure would put it to good use :smiley: Thanks again.

Sometimes I think those who need something the most are the least likely to say so. If anyone would rather say why they are in need of lettering, you can tell me in a private email too. I will post the winner in a few days.


This offer is very generous of you. I wish you luck on choosing the deserving inspector.

I’d hate to be in your shoes right now, you’ve got a very hard decision to make. May the most desrving inspector win.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Hi Cheryl,
What a generous offer, thanks for doing this. It’s wonderful folks like you, who make this one of the best organizations around.

Might I apply also?
I would like to just “change my phone numbers” on the doors and tailgate of my truck. 3 sets…
I’m keeping the logo, and everything else, but just need the numbers changed.
Why? I recently dropped a second phone line at my home, (which was previously used for my business, but I was forwarding that office number to my cellphone all the time, and finally wondered “what the heck am I doing this for?”, so I now just use a direct-to-cell number now for my business.)
I’ve managed to change everything printed (i.e. biz cards, website, etc.) everything BUT my truck numbers…:sad:
and darned! if my local sign guy is no longer doing these things anymore!
So… I’m on the hunt for a new sign person to just make the phone number changes for me at this time… And maybe add my website to my tailgate.
But I’d be grateful to just change my telephone numbers, to help get the phone ringing again.

Thanks! and Happy New Year!

p.s. New number is 719-510-7703

Well I’m sure this is over and I’m sorry I did not see it sooner. I don’t have anything on my truck yet. Just started this business a couple of months ago and I don’t have a marketing budget. I have to try to build a website from nothing. I was really sick last year and we basically lost everything material. Its ok though God is gonna make more miracles. :mrgreen: