Vent for natural gas fired boiler.

This vent services a natural gas fired boiler. The vent passes through a wall (drywall) and then a ceiling (also drywall). The vent appeared to be “B-Vent”.
It is my understanding that B-vent (and L-Vent) require a minimum of 1" clearance to combustibles. Should I recommend having wall thimbles installed to maintain the recommended clearances?
Thanks in advance for your input.

It is what it is. Report what you see. You don’t have to tell anyone how to fix it.

What I am concerned about, is all the black crap on the walls and ceiling! What did you say about that?

That stuff “will” kill you, improper clearance “may”.

Yes, most B-Vent manufactures want 1" of clearance to drywall.

Thimbles is a way correcting of this, but as David said I generally do not make a habit of being that specific when recommending a correction.

As for the ghosting above a hot pipe, meh.

Yes, i would write up the need for the ‘B’ vent to have the proper 1" clearance. I would also mention the improper slip fitted duct connection at the wall penetration.