Good install or not?

Single wall H2O Heater vent connector. Does NOT pass through the real wall, but does pass through a single sheet of dry wall (“A” side in picture) beside the real wall (“B”.) Obviously NOT 6 inches of clearance. The wood stud is protected by a piece of dry wall (arrows.) Adequate heat shield? Combustible? ( this makes it fun: ) Good or bad install? Tell me what you think, because I can’t find the answer!

It’s snowing in Denver…


I would write it up as a lack of clearance to combustible material.

To close , refer it to a qualified contractor.

It’s wrong, and needs to be corrected.

In these situations, I usually suggest replacement with a B-vent as a simple and reasonable solution.

What Jeff says B vent only requires 1 inch clearance to combustables

That’s what i thought, just seeing if anyone would support my client’s theory that drywall is not combustible and is acting as an adequate heat shield over the wood. I know, I know, never let a client talk you out of what you know is wrong! But he king of had me going… Thanks ya’ll!!!

Yup, no reason for sgl wall to pass through a wall…