Vent or Not Vent?

The local AHJ said owner needs to install a p-trap at WM drain, pic #2.

This is under the kitchen sink pic. #1.

The only sewer vent is on the other side of house.

The pic on left, the horizontal pipe may make it ok, if its the proper length. I can’t locate the exact length yet. I believe if it is 3" of horizontal run?

The 2nd pic…the horizontal waste pipe is sloped uphill (improper slope) and isn’t supported properly. And the washer waste line needs a P-Trap.

I picked up on that negative pitch too David, but thought it was my eyes or pic distortion.

And your right it needs a p trap because it is indirect drain hook-up.
He also mentioned the vent for the sink was on the other side of the House, so is there a studor vent installed for the sink somewhere?

Marcel :):smiley:

Think the supply pipes to the washer need to be supported with clamps?

If there’s no vent anywhere near, air is probably getting sucked in around the tape. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel