Vent stack minimum distance for roof

I thought the minimum distance of the penetration vent stack on the roof was 6" am I correct?
This is on a 1992 park model mobile home here in Florida. Should I be concerned with this? No snow here.

Just curious if I should call for correction by plumber, gut instinct is


Of course you should, for minimum height requirements, And vent opening has been compromised.

Lead flashing and roof flashing both look bad.

6 inches is standard.

HUD standards for mobile homes is usually 2".

Vent terminal—(1) Roof extension.
Each vent pipe shall extend through its
flashing and terminate vertically,
undiminished in size, not less than 2
inches above the roof.

May be true. But vent circumference is still compromised.

May be true Joshua. But the vent opening is still compromised.

That is basically what I am writing it up for. Bathroom drain gurgles when draining no S trap. So it gas to not be getting much air into it.