Plumbing vent pipe height on tile roof

So I plan on writing this up on my report tonight but wanted to double check my logic first.

Plumbing vent pipes should terminate a min of 6" (I’m in Florida, so no snow) above the roof. But is that measured from the roof decking or roof surface? I’m leaning towards measured from the roof surface, making these vents too short.


Thanks in advance.



Yes, they look short, and the other problem is the lack of proper metal flashing. Looks like roof mastic applied with a spatula.

It’s actually mortar. Same as they use for hip and ridge caps.

Oooops, Yeah. pretty common too.

How long have they been like that?

Did you observe any adverse effects from this installation?

What is the distance form the tiles, like 4"??

I might mention it, but on a pitched tile roof here probably not. YMMV.

That looks like mastic to me. I would be more concerned with how it is sealed than the height here in Florida

Awful smooth for mortar, but even if it is, it’s not overlapped by the tiles in the course above. As Michael says, in FL, the quality of dealing the penetration is more of a concern than height.

It typical to use lead flashing on tile so you can shape it to conform to the tile.

…or at least it used to be. Mortar for flashing is awfully common.