What is going on here?

Sorry for the bad pictures of this but I will describe. From a main floor sink, the waste pipe goes into the basement to a trap? There is an extensive pipe network attached to the wall there with a pipe going outside. Seems to me somethings not right here but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll sneak back and get some better pictures. Really thought I got more of this set up.

Hah… I did take a better picture of this basement piping… here it is

Looks like they had venting issues, and found a creative fix to the problem.

Hi, if I’m understanding this correctly, you appear to have 2 issues here, firstly the sink is “double trapped” which is wrong, also the vents should terminate above the roof.



Looks like a nightmare on Elm street.

First pic is an improper “S” trap
Second pic if same line is an improper double trap w/cleanout and too long tailpiece?
That thing on the outside provides a nice aroma for the folks dining on the patio

I can’t figure out what they were thinking???

The fart stack next to the bistro dinette set is a nice touch. The rest has already been pointed out.

Nice, yes I noted the s trap (every trap in the house was this way) Good lord, I’'m thinking there is some major vent issue. Did notice two stacks coming through the roof. It’s a homer delight. Oh by the way the owner is an electrician… guess how the electrical looks?

I don’t think it was created for venting purposes, but more to equalize the pressure in the drains. Similar to a kitchen island sink setup.


Your probably right. Problem is it will still vent.

Doesn’t meet any of the criteria for a loop vent either, including the fact that it vents to the atmosphere

My guess is that it’s a lame attempt at venting multiple lines/fixtures. It’s an abomination in any case.

Forgot to include in the first list of issues that there is inadequate support for the lines too. I would list it as amateurish plumbing that does not appear to comply with current standards, including, but not limited to:… and recommend full assessment and repair estimate by qualified licensed plumber.

Thanks for the verbiage as well Chuck! It’s certainly more complicated than it needed to be whatever the heck it is. Either way they need a plumber to come have a look see. Thanks again everyone.