Venting & AA Valves

Home was built in 1924. Newer whirlpool tub that is not properly GFCI protected.

I see a large amount of whirlpool tubes that discharge a lovely amount of black debris.

What is a good product to clean the whirlpool jets?

My main question is it looks like they capped the vent & this looks like a good location for a air admittance valve.

How would you call this drainage system.

I didnt see a trap even though there may be one. The tub drain somewaht slowly.


90207 015 (Small).jpg

90207 016 (Small).jpg

I would say if asked how to clean the tub to follow the manufactures recommendation .
I want to stay away from the following .
( I no nothing ) (Remember Colonel Clink)
Roy Cooke

After reading that article Roy, I don’t think I even want to inspect whirlpool tubs anymore :shock: .

Actually it was Sergent shulze.

I know nothing but I wonder why I am here.

Thanks I loved that guy he did well.
Hot tubs scare me big time I hope to not get pulled in .
Roy Cooke