Ventless or Vented gas logs?

I absolutely do.

If you have one, put the probe of a combustion analyzer into the exhaust of the oven when it is on maximum burn. The undiluted exhaust will be at or near 30 ppm. A gas oven with any rust or uneven burn can be even higher. Put a skillet on an open burner flame…and watch it get yellow and orange…and put your probe a foot above it…and you’ll get about 4-6 ppm. Now, turn on the indoor vent and let this stuff blow in your face.

Even with a clean burn and a low level of CO, the steam from the boiling pots simply blows back into the house.

In every case…especially in the modern, energy efficient tight house…gas appliances should be vented to the outside and failure to recommend that is an error on the part of the inspector, IMO.

There are a lot of folks who sit at the dinner table with a sudden headache that they can’t explain…and when it goes away, they forget about it.

Codes are minimum basic standards and, while I have none in my area at all, even in civilized parts of America…some will require venting of a gas stove to the outside.

It’s the right thing to do and that should be what we recommend. In the absence of a vent, a window should be opened when the gas appliance is operating.

I always recommend venting ranges to the exterior but have never encountered high CO readings as you describe from a properly adjusted gas appliance.

I warn people about the Carbon Monoxide dangers of ventless exactly as Mike recommended.

I use the stover and oven example.

Every winter deaths are attributed to “poor families” using the stove as a heat source.

I have seen go up to 10 to 12 Micheal.

And the allowed limit is what?