Vents in top of siding

I’ve never seen this before. It’s an older duplex from 1972 at the top of the siding and two spots are these little tiny louver vents. There may be 3/4 of an inch big so very very very minimal airflow what are these for?

Looks like someone’s bright idea of try to vent the wall cavities, and a poor attempt to vent the soffit at that too. Looks like that hardboard siding is nailed directly to the studs, thus all the wavy install.
Just call it out as you see it.

Red = Vents
Blue = Holes

I do not think the two are related. My 2 cents.

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I did not say they were, Brian. I just wanted to mention it is poor ventilation for the attic also.


Sorry if you thought I was directing my statement towards you. I completely agree with you about the lousy soffit vents! :100:

^^^^I do not disagree there either…end result? Holes in a wall :slight_smile:

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The two do not appear to be related but they are both vents. One is soffit vent and the other is some funny unknown vent. There are tiny little vents in the little holes. I’ve never seen vents that small.

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