Todays inspection

I will be doing a small home this afternoon, home inspection with a feasibility report, so this is a nice combo as the buyer is considering a 203K loan.

I am looking at the roof vents on the listing photo and in all my years in construction have not seen the vents placed like this. I have no concerns but wonder if any of you other inspectors would question this arrangement? When I get there I may find vents on the rear of the home, my only reservation is the vents should be closer to the ridge and spaced more evenly. I understand enough to suggest the better placement of vents but feel its not my role to suggest anything, I am just there to report. I am assuming the soffits are too small for venting.


If the attic looks good will you still call for action?
No gables?
Test of time Paul.

I’m guessing there are no soffit vents.

It looks like an attempt for high/low ventilation

If attic is good/ no issues I will tell the buyer its an unusual installation and recommend proper ventilation when they reroof the home.

Yep, an attempt at low/ high ventilation.

On another note I did a feasibility inspection for this guy yesterday and he backed out of the deal, told me his RE agent was impressed with my report? I’m pretty sure many other RE agents would have felt differently.

How old did you say that place was Paul ?

Must be about 850 sq feet I am guessing.

Yes, under 700 sf foundation area and another 500 sf finished basement.
Built in 1953

Agree. See it often on older homes. I should say that there should be baffles if is insulated deep though.

I see 100 year old homes with zero vents and zero issues.
Should we be calling stuff like that out for correction ?

Really ?


Mike what are the odds a guy with a thermal camera always will say call it out ?

Just curious.

Call it out for what?

Not all roof styles lend themselves to soffit venting nor is it always necessary.

Venting may promote ice damming around here in older homes.

It has to be assessed as a system.

I did one last week with gable venting only and and two non functioning whirligigs. Century home.

Almost no insulation present.(Balsam about 2" deep)

I report what I find.

Let the insulation and roofing contractors make the call.

That’s how I see it.

I have 14" of cellulose in my attic, no baffles all on a 4/12 pitch roof. I also have 2 turbine vents, 2 gable vents and 8 or so roof louvers. I’m leaving it all alone until I’m crazy bored and looking for something to do.

I’m assuming you realize you have NO lower attic ventilation? The vent mixture that you have is defeating itself by pulling from each other. Easy fix though. Get off your butt and get to work before the state freezes again! :twisted:

turbine vents=worthless

I know what I should do but crawling through a 2000 SF attic full of cellulose will be done by a much younger guy. I’ll do enough inspections to gladly write a check.

I know I have issues and some of what I have works against the desired results. Maybe before fall.

Painting the home I’m good with.

Modern man, fixes the house, grills, gotta be a sex machine and lend a sensitive ear now and then, cavemen had it easy in my opinion.:wink:

Yeah plus they look stupid in my opinion.

If my eyes do no deceive me, those are AirHawk vents manufactured by AirVent Inc. The manufacturer will tell you that they are improperly installed. These are exhaust vents and the Mfr wants them placed in the upper portion of the roof. The specifically advise against trying to use them as substitute intake vents. They have a product to provide intake venting near the eave if there are no soffit vents on the house

Yep and its cool