Vents not going through roof, is this OK?

This picture shows many vents pointing up to existing roof vent. Is is OK, will moisture be taken outside adequately?


No not correct at all .
Also each vent must go to the out side on its own you can not combine two or more together to one exhaust.

Thanks. I have to present this inspection tomorrow and did not want to “jump the gun”. This is part of a large condo complex and most likely many of them are this way.
Thanks so much

These are what you call dead-end exhaust vents. What I mean by dead-end is they lead to nothing. They are installed incorrectly whoever the hvac contractor was they need to come back and finish the job completely.

“You can get anybody to do your air conditioning/heating work that doesn’t mean that they will install it correctly or in accordance to code.”

When they come back and finish the job completely they should go straight up as much as possible for best performance.

I hope those flex vents were not for dryers.

Since they’re corrugated, they shouldn’t be in use off the kitchen range hood exhaust fan or the laundry dryer vent.

Thanks again Gentlemen,
You guys are GREAT!

I had a frined of mine who bought a new construction home in orlando. his dryer would not dry the clothes. Guess what, the genius contractor did not make the vent go through the roof. he had to cut a hole in the roof and add a vent. that solved the rpblem.

Several Condos on LI are notorious for not being installed properly. There was a 289 unit townhome community in which each gas vent (water heater) and dryer (electric) was vented into the attic for over 20 years. It wasn’t until a renovation project that they actually even fixed the problem. They didn’t even seem to notice the problem until the renovation.

This was a hazardous situation for all liiving in the townhomes. On a positive note: It has to date been fixed.