Dryer Vent Through Roof

I thought this was interesting. I was called to home to investigate a water loss claim. The homeowner had their roof and siding replaced last year, after the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. There were some questions about whether flashing was used, as well as a missing kickout (apparently the siders removed it, to install their J-trim & didn’t put it back or cut it off or something.)

There was water leaking from the vaulted ceiling, beside a door which contained the washer and dryer. This water also caused some damage to a cubbyhole, beside the front door, which happens to be directly under the washer and dryer.

I noticed the dryer vent going straight up, so I took a look inside the attic and lo and behold…free icicles…and big ones. I’m thinking they might want to invest in some insulation. I was here a couple of weeks ago and there were -44C windchills…lol.

At first, I was thinking, yeah, so dryers can go through roofs.

Then I realized your location and it all made sense. :slight_smile: (that whole hot air/cold air thing you have going on)

Good find.

Exhaust ducts in unconditioned spaces should be insulated. That is a lot of hot moist air against a cold roof. What type of exhaust damper was on the roof?

I didn’t get on the roof as there’s a ton of snow up here right now, but it appeared to be a 24" gooseneck exhaust.


My dryer has a vent through the roof with 90 degree in wall behind dryer straight](http://jonsguide.org/best-top-babyliss-hair-dryer-reviews/#babyliss-pro-tourmaline-titanium-5000-dryer) up through wall, attic, and roof. Straight up section is 13’ -14’ long. No duct booster needed. Has been like this since 1974 and works fine. No snow to deal with in my location.