Verifying Chinese Drywall Remediation

Hello Fellow Inspectors
I have read the article on Chinese Drywall. Recently, I was asked to verify that a full remediation had taken place in a Townhouse in Broward County. I asked for any documentation that the work was completed and none was available. No Contract, no Contractor, no Permit. The Realtor wanted me to do a Tier 1 evaluation. My reply was that even if all the drywall was replaced, the makers for the Chinese drywall would still be in place, ie., blackened metal parks and deteriorated HVAC equipment. I had no idea what it would cost for testing drywall but after calling the lab I determined the following:

  1. Take Sample - $150
  2. Lab cost - $450
  3. Repair Drywall - $200
  4. Profit - $160
    Total cost of each drywall sample…$960
    Even if I only wanted to test (1) sample/room the cost would be $10,000.
    Suffice to say…I was not called back for that Inspection.

When I’m asked for re-inspection, I ask for papers from the licensed contractor.
I check myself for a permit if required (AC, water heater, circuit breaker panel replacement etc.)

If there’s none, I will not get involved.
To do so I am condoning unlicensed/illegal work.

Had a home in Heron Bay a few months ago that was remediated for drywall.
Everything was replaced, AC, plumbing, electrical, etc.
The home was gutted & rebuilt.
There was a 4 lb stack of papers from the licensed contractor & a proper permit was closed out.

Are you sure there was no permit?
Send the address & I’ll check.

There should be a whole bunch of permits, pictures, and inspections. I have done several of these in Port St Lucie. They were all remediated properly and had all the paperwork to back it up. If there is no paperwork, it didn’t happen.

I just got a call from an individual that is about to remediate Chinese Drywall, and he is asking me to inspect and oversee the process. There is a language barrier of sorts, so I am still trying to figure out exactly what he is looking for — But — Is there a procedure to follow when overseeing a remediation as far as documentation?
I would assume that in order to prove that the work was done, I would need before, during and after pictures proving that all the drywall was removed, electrical panel and a/c removal and replacement, water heater and appliances removed and replaced…etc.
Is the wiring always replaced 100%?
Any idea what a resonable fee would be?
Are there any liability issues?
This is not an after the fact evaluation, it is documenting that the work was done. Just looking for input from anyone that has done this before.
I have a Certified Building Contractors License as well as the HI License, but will not be pulling permits or performing the actual work

I have done it. I believe the CPSC has a list of what they recommend. I charged a per trip inspection fee.

Found this:

And this but may not be current: