Verifying Membership (vs certified member)

I’m vetting candidates for a home inspector position and coming across quite a few replies to my ad who misrepresent their affiliation with Nachi (as I discover in the interview when asking for their membership ID #).

I am familiar with Nachi’s search feature for looking up Nachi certified inspectors; but cannot seem to find if there is a way to search (ie verify) for those who have signed on as members of Nachi but have yet to be certified. If this is an available search feature (ie members yet to be certified), how might I go about this?


You used to be able to do a name search before the new forum was here.
I guess the only way for sure (without searching for address/locations & then having to sort thru the whole list) is simply email your question to


Try this.

Thanks, but again, looking to search for someone who is a member but not a certified inspector. Can anyone verify that the listing of certified inspectors using this search feature will also list names of members still in the process of being certified?

It only shows certified inspectors. If you have their NACHI # then you can substitute it into this URL:

It’s an API they have for partner companies and doesn’t have very easily read results, but it’s something.

Further than that, I think you’ll have to ask NACHI for something.

Have them e-mail you a copy of their certificate

The thing I found about Internachi, is that a few will download the logo and lie about their affiliation and certification. If in doubt ask Internachi they are very responsive. I am currently searching for a career as well.

I am of the belief that when you sign on to become a member and pay the membership fee, even though you have not passed the est or fulfilled other certification requirements, that you are still issued an ID number. Is this the case, or is the Nachi “member ID number” something issues only after certification requirements have been met?