Can't find home inspector

We used a home inspector that claims NACHI membership and are now having issues with him. I can not find his membership. Can someone help me find his info.

Consumer Complaint Hotline

(303) 502-6214 (consumers only)

Many that claim to be members are not.

That is for InterNACHI to deal with, not us, the inspectors.

What is their name, company name and the state they live in?


Quite possibly not a member. But if so we would need more to find info.

BTW… The Consumer Complaint number I posted above IS a legitimate number from InterNACHI’s Contact page.

You should contact the Ethics Committee for InterNACHI. They handle these types of things.

Oh wait, the Ethics Committee doesn’t exist anymore like in other organizations. Guess you are out of luck.

I swear I never saw this person or did a paid home inspection for him.
Did your inspector, by chance, use HIP?

We need to know at least the company name and which city and state this inspector is in so it can be taken care of.

Such as if it is Paramount Home Inspections in Jefferson City, Missouri, claiming to be InterNACHI certified, then InterNACHI is already in the process of taking legal action against that company. You can then also sue that home inspector because he falsified his credentials to get him to hire you. You would have a strong case that way.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. I just play one on this message board.