Vertical crack in brick

I purchased an old home(1941) about 2 months ago and noticed a vertical crack in the brick. We have a sump pump that rarely runs and have no leakage or seepage problems. The interior doors don’t close all the way but I grew up in this older(1920’s) neighborhood and that is not uncommon. The home inspector pointed it out but did not think it to be a serious issue. I have done some research online and was wondering if I should use an epoxy to fill the crack or would it be better to tuckpoint it?? Because of its location I was thinking it was damage from when they replaced their windows('04) or when they installed the stone patio??

This is the only crack I have found in this beautiful all brick home.



Vertical cracks like this are most times due to settlement of the support structure underneath the brick, soil compacting, or soil washing away underneath the brick.

You didn’t mention if this was a brick veneer or not. What does the crawlspace foundation wall look like in this area?

If this is the only crack in the Brick Veneer (assumption) on this 1941 home, you are in pretty good shape in my opinion.
If there is a basement, based on the sump pump that you mentioned, the chances are that the crack was caused by the weak link in the window and most likely there is a crack in the foundation directly below the crack in the brick.
I would suspect that this crack is been there for many years and would be more concerned with water intrusion at this point and would recommend proper repairs to alleviate that problem.
It is difficult to come to any Educated conclusions based on a small picture.
I provided you with a link that might or might not help, but in any case might help you in some way.


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**I don’t know what a brick veneer is…? the foundation is cinder block. **

What do you suggest I do if there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the foundation in the basement crawlspace. Do I just use an epoxy filler or just monitor the crack for awhile?
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simply put, it’s when an external wall is brick, but the brick does not act as a structural member.

if it’s built in 1941, I would think it’s not likely to be veneer.

and i agree with Marcyl…if this is the only cracking anywhere, i would not be concerned structurally.

monitor…yes…just in case.

i would just have it re-tuck pointed…my opinion

Find an old time mason out there. He will know how to fix it so you will barely see it.