Thoughts on Vertical Crack

Home is a 1992, 2 story, sits on a zero lot line, has a vertical crack in right side upper wall. The crack leads from the window ledge, in stair step pattern thru mortar joints, then proceeds vertically thru bricks & mortar. Another crack is in close proximity leading from window in same fashion. The width of the crack near the window is 1/4", with 1/8 or less in the vertical portion of the crack. Areas of the left/right foundation wall is not visible. Their’s a crack at the left side foundation wall, at first i thought it was an overlay, but moving some rocks, it’s a crack.
In the attic space, some rafters are beginning to pull away from ridge board.
Doors, windows work function fine, interior walls are covered with wallpaper, no sloping in the floors.
It appears their is movement. I’m recommending that an engineer or foundation specialist look at it
Thanks for all your thoughts.


Is that house built on a concrete slab foundation?