Vertical pipes behind house

What are this pipes for?

Vertical pipes coming out of the ground behind a 2007 multi family on slab. You can see in the picture the unfinished house of similar construction also has them

WAG: Radon vents under slab. :thinking:

That is what I was thinking but they appear to have caps on them. :flushed:

Larry, I don’t think they are caps.

Yeah no caps. Didn’t think of it being radon. Kind of an unusual passive system maybe? The other house is unfinished, looks like it has sat like that for quite a while, and has even more of these pipes. Thanks for the replies!

Thanks, Joseph. I appreciate the help. :smile:

That’s a foundation also, not a slab.

Those look like corrugated PE or HDPE drainage pipes. Tied into perimeter drains?

Wonder if it is connected to the perforated under drain and using it for passive radon at the same time with pipe under the slab at the interior.

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