What are these things?

White 4" pipes sticking up about a foot above the basement slab. They could be rough-ins for future plumbing waste but they’re the wrong kind of pipe and why would they be out in the middle of the floor like this?

They look like risers for venting something but what? Are they connected to the line from the perimeter drain to the sump pit? Why?

Radon Mitigation???

Rough in for possible bath room fixture or sink.


Unless they were planning on using the sump pit as a mini septic tank, I doubt that was the intention.

More than likely it is some sort of sub-slab ventilation to prevent water pressure from building up under the slab and creating hydrolic pressure. Is there low permiable soil or a high water table in the area where the house was built?

seems if it was a vent, then vent to the exterior. Are they connected to each other? They are oddly placed in the corner of the rooms… as if under a planned piece of furniture… perhaps a cat5/coax conduit… (overkill)

I’d expect to see a waste line for a toilet up against the exterior wall with rough-ins for water supply. These things were out in the middle of the floor. Wierd places to think someone might decide to put a camode.

No one in their right mind would vent a passive radon mitigation system to the living space.

Sump pits make the tiniest septic tanks… got to have them pumped four times a day!

There was 14 inches of water in the sump pit. I think you’ve got it Scott, thanks.

I agree w/ Erol + Chris. The “sump-pit” looks to be sealed and is most likely a pit for an ejector pump. Seems they could have plumbed in the ejector pump, though. :???:

Doesn’t look like a ‘gas-tight’ sewage pit, especially right next to the egress window?

Have to have peaked in the pit, was the lining perforated?


I was looking at pic #1. Looks like a different location from the lack of “astroturf”.

It is, from what I see, so we agree. What I was pointing out, was if it is the only egress window in the basement, if you frame in the bathroom, you now have removed it from the basement. See?


What are these things?3/14/08 4:59 PMfor real?

Yes…for real…I never said the system was completed…could be for future installation if in a high Radon Risk area… Think what you will, I see all kinds of systems and designs in Minnesota… nothing surprises me anymore!!!




Whatever it is for it is certainly not completed.
Nice pic

That was my first thought. Dumb locations, too.

They were capped. The pit was not sealed and had an incoming line consistent with a perimeter drain. That EPA image looks very similar to the condition I found.

Were there any floor drains for the basement? I would say rough in for the plumbing, but the other waste lines in pic #2 look like ABS. Passive radon would typically be found against an exterior wall, and usually only one is needed (not a radon mitigation expert). I would think that if there are no other forms of drains cut in the floor (french, etc.), then they were preparing for floor drains where the sump would be used and be efficient right next to one of the drains. I am not sure why they were left like that though…much harder to saw cut then cover and pour around…