VERY Old Furnace

Found this disconnected Holland furnace at yesterdays inspection. It seems to be a gravity feed coal burner. I’m guessing the donut shaped device on top is the heat exchanger. Does anyone have any info or input on this unit?

old furnace 1.JPG

old furnace 2.JPG

Yep scrap metal prices are up.
Watch for asbestos
And maybe a museum should be called

LOL - If they pay by the pound this thing is worth a fortune. I would have liked to have taken some time and really looked at this thing, but I couldn’t. The house was listed as being built in the 50’s. Yeah right! I’m guessing this is at least from the 20’s. Of course, it was cemented in place. It’s not going to be fun to move.

If not covered in asbestos a simple sledge harmer should work on the cast. I have taken a few out .

I think Dale Duffy had one of those in the house he grew up in about the same age;-):wink:

Well You should know being the lead mechanic on the job…nice work Charley !

Small world Jim fancy meeting you here watcha doing slumming

Just checking in…How is life treating You Sir?

Doing good Spring cleaning outdoors the weekend getting the old garden ready

Had they found fire at that time?

it’s getting to be that time again…I’m sure glad to see the snow gone…


Yeah they found fire at that time but I think they were still rubbing two sticks together:D:D

Removed many the same way.
It is a Mess tho…

Sounds like the same procedure to rid of a cast iron tub and piping with cast fittings. ;):slight_smile:

Gosh we are showing our age .lolol
Two hammers on each side of a fitting boom she’s gone .


I was a Gandy Dancer at the age of 18…

Hardest Work I have ever done…
Thank God… I never went back to that…

My Grandfather did that, Joesph I have his Old Bar. Best tool I ever had heavey as crap .A piece of history.

I still have a Lining Bar… :slight_smile:
comes in handy with many situations, and yes, they are HEAVY… :slight_smile: