1938 Niagra

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1938 niagra.jpg

Thought it might be a John Deere furnace there for a sec.

How was it running Steve? did you get to test it?

Heres what I got today from the realtor.

“Well they said the gas and water would be turned on for today, but I guess not”

So no, I didn’t get to test it.


Meaning, probably, there’s something wrong with it. That must be one hell of a heat exchanger, to stay intact since 1938. Guess they don’t build them like they used to, huh?:cool:

Look at the burners!
They weigh about 12 pounds apiece!

It reminds me of my first car! :slight_smile:

It must be European / pre-independence. We expect 20-30 years service from a furnace/water heater. None of this disposable 10 year US rubbish.

Thought I would share a dinosaur also…
1932 according to the permit on the wall…
Belongs in the Smithsonian…

Boiler permit 1932.JPG

That’s really cool how they framed the permit. most get thrown out as soon as the job is done.

Ya…I couldn’t believe it. The permit actually says right on it to post under glass on the wall near the unit…somebody actually read it and complied. Been hanging in the same place for 75 years… go figure.