Videos to add to website

I see a lot of people have useful links and articles on there sites. I want to put together a page of useful and informative videos. Where is a good place to get some?

You should consider making some if your own. That way potential clients will feel comfortable with you.

Make them :slight_smile:

We have a few videos for embedding at

Videos are good advertising, I use several from Internachi especially the the energy assessment information I provide my clients with.
People do like to see you making a video, I have done several and I will not brag them up because they are nothing special at all. But they do help you make a connection with people that = Clients

Mr. Holm, have someone review your website for grammar mistakes. That is all.


if you want to put together text based articles and other information, a blog would be a good place to do. You can easily start your own.

And if your information consists of more videos, try either embedding them in your blog or better yet, start a YouTube channel. :smiley: Hope I helped! :smiley:

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Scroll down on my website and look at mine. I made it with windows movie maker and animoto. Im working on another one.

How not to make a video!