Vinyl over white Polystyrene foam

I inspected a home today where the siding was originally asbestos cement shingle siding with what looks like white Polystyrene foam and vinyl over top. A couple of questions I have are as follows:

1 - Shouldn’t there have been a house wrap between the foam board and the vinyl?

2 - With all of the concern today over asbestos exposure, I’ve read up on the risk of asbestos shingle siding. From what I can tell, there is no health threat with it being covered up with the vinyl and foam board. Can someone confirm this for me?



Steve, the foam board is perforated and acts as a moisture barrier as well as a leveling plane to help with the installation of the vinyl siding.
As far as the asbestos siding there is no health hazard as long as it’s not friable and encapsulated


Thank you for the answer. :wink:



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