Vinyl siding is weeping

Should this be a concern?
The vinyl siding is facing north however I never see it like this and did not get a view of the Tyvek at that side however was able to feel a foam board at the south end.[ATTACH]


Seems all the weeps have a green fungi at exit points.
From the attic the soffits had baffles and I could see the light though there was a very small amount of frost at the north-east corner on the sheathing .

If you look closer fungus is growing all over the siding (common, especially at north side). The moisture from weeps are “highlighting” it. Washing siding should eliminate problem.

Yeah I told him it would wash off.
Never notice it like this just at weep holes primarily however so thanks for the reassurance.

introduction of more or misguided moisture for cleaning purposes is not advised until client confirms with qualified person that proper wrb and flashings have been installed

usually they’ll hire the cheapest guy with a power washer that can do more harm than good, due to ignorance or general lack of concern for the owner’s property
it’s clean, pay me attitude

see improper cleaning with other cladding as well

Very true, a power washer in the wrong hands can do more damage than good.

I doubt I will tell the guy to not clean it Barry if he wants to.
There is no way to check if all the vapor barrier is in place without removing all the siding and there were no indications of water intrusion into the home at this side.

Are you disagreeing with Chris and saying this is a concern for alarm?

What would you have done on site?

the big trade secret
looked for flashing and under the vinyl at multiple locations and starter strip for wrb

Lifted at bottom but could not feel it.Does not mean not there but are you saying the weeps only stain if barrier is missing ?

What causes this that you would be alarmed?

no i said what i said
no more no less

i own and know how to use

i then know what to report and client gets instant info on site

btw a mirror is much easier than a hand for determining wrb presence or absence imo
i don’t stick my hand into places i haven’t looked first we have biting things down here

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I have one of those also but will not do that in a Chicago winter.
You are in Texas so might not worry about how cold vinyl cracks easily.:slight_smile:
It was below freezing that day.

Those are great tools and easy to use.
Glad you are showing the picture.

Here is on point from the bottom [ATTACH]:D[/ATTACH]

That is the concrete foundation by the way as I know the pic may make you think of stucco for some reason.(to lazy to flip the shot first)
Notice you can see the plywood however.

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That looks more like the “sill plate” to me.

BTW… I carry one of these for exterior use. They are inexpensive, have a great field of view, allow for taking a picture off of, and big enough I never lose it. I got mine locally in an auto assessories store for about $5.00.

Do you use yours in freezing weather?

Not unless i want to break the siding :wink:


I meant the zip tool. sorry.:oops:

I would put some anti fog on the mirror. :wink:

Do as I do. Leave it in my vehcile until needed (on my visor, clips included). A “chilled” mirror does not fog over when you use it in the cold.

OK so seriously Jeff you never worry that using the tool will crack the vinyl or you just hope they do not see you cracking it.:slight_smile:

Question for all is do you always use it every job?

Please start a poll.


Perhaps you should look at a link BEFORE you comment on it!

The “tool” I have linked to will NEVER crack vinyl siding!

Just sayin’.

Not sure it will work but if that mirror makes a good crowbar I will try it on your say so.

I don’t see a starter strip, only bare plywood (no water-resistive barrier).

I look behind siding at butt joint, no tool needed or worry about cracking when handled with care.