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Concerning the 1" - 2" clearance required between siding and roofing (where roof meets a sidewall or gable). Does anyone know if vinyl siding has the same clearance requirements as other types of siding? I see a lot of vinyl siding where the J - channel sits right on top of the roof.

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Hi Thomas,

the clearance issue really has more to do with wood siding as moisture will easily wick into this material, vinyl siding obviously does not have this issue ans also the "J" channel acts somewhat as a gutter.



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This is what I tell my clients.


The Vinyl Siding Institute ( recommends at least 1/2 inch clearance between the vinyl siding trim and roofing materials where walls meet the roof. This allows the flashing to be seen & the expansion / contraction of the siding and trim due to temperature changes. Note that the shingles may also transmit enough heat to the channel holding the vinyl siding to distort the channel. The trim on this house sits directly on the roof shingles. I could not see the flashing. Consult a qualified vinyl siding contractor to determine the best repair method, estimate costs, and perform any repairs deemed necessary.

For a complete Vinyl Siding Installation Guide See:

See page 21? for installation at sidewalls and gables re flashing clearance.

Remember though, it's a guide. Only the manufacturer's installation "instructions" count as a requirement.

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