Violation of the code of ethics

A clear violation of our code of ethics. Would be
for a company to perform repairs to a structure
that has been inspected by the same company within
the previous 12 month.

Yes it would. Will anything happen to them ???

I personally do not have a problem with it especially if the client WANTS you. I would also tell them to get other estimates.

Too bad I do not make the rules :slight_smile:

I have only done this once and it was because the seller could not find a contractor before possession. I had the buyer, seller and realtor sign an agreement saying that because of the time line a third party contractor could not be found that I was allowed to do the work. If any of the parties was unwilling to sign it, I would have declined the work.

Would you have a problem with it if it were only for NACHI Nickels! :roll:

If you or anyone else who has any questions about the situation you know almost nothing about please feel free to call me afternoon or if you see I am up chatting at 954-922-0584. A ton of you have no clue and are just piling on but i’ll gladly tell you all the straight up truth if you give a sh-t. I got conned and so did nachi nickels. If you don’t have the balls to ask me yourself then shut the f-ck up because you do not know sh-t. I can even provide at least one or two other members that can verify whatever I have to say. Believe it.


And I am up NOW…

Imagine that not a call.

Hate to disappoint you as I know you have nothing better to do. Unfortunately I was finishing up an inspection report. Have you heard what those are?

Boy you sure get conned a lot! Here’s another example or was being conned just an excuse?

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I sure hope you don’t speak to your clients this way? BTW here is another reference from long ago where you felt you were getting scammed as you made a reference in there to fighting it.

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He’s a victim

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