Voltex hybrid heat pump water heating appliance

Nearly half of the inspections I perform are specific to plumbing and/or HVAC. A fairly new product that is taking my market area by storm is the Voltex hybrid heat pump water heating appliance. Most “plumbers” will know how to install a standard tank style water heater, however I have found this model is stumping a great many of them. Although I am a big fan of both A.O. Smith and this appliance, I have found it to be installed incorrectly nearly 70% of the time! As a result, I would like to share the most common issue I have found in the past year or so of inspecting these appliances. In order to meet some energy demands, the manufacturer has added a heat pump to the unit located within an enclosure at the top of the unit. The most professional plumber in the world doesn’t want to be seen using instructions all the time. As a result, the condensation drain line for the heat pump is missing on nearly 70% of the units I have inspected. I believe this is something most inspectors would notice for themselves if given enough time, however an inspection I just went to was to RE-inspect a home after a previous inspector missed way more than would be considered tolerable. IMO. Because the drain line was never installed, this $2,000 water heater (with installation) was ruined. So, heads up on the new devices and hopefully you can prevent such an occurance and look great for you client as well as seller/buyer.