AO Smith Condensing Water Heater

First time seeing one of these. I have been researching them. Just wondering if anything in particular to look for. I am going to try and find an installation manual for it online.

Essentially has condensate drainage that is connected to the furnace’s pump. There is a line that goes up and away for drainage but is inaccessible after the ceiling.

Model number would be very helpful.

By the way, not good.


GPHE 50 Line


It all begins on page 7…

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Appears to be a plumbing clusterfuk performed by a non-licensed tech. The solder joint on the TP&R valve fitting is a dead giveaway.


Yes I saw that lol but I was focusing on the condensate lines and pvc system. I’ve never seen one with all that.

I have to return to the office to get a better look at the images you provided.
Vertical PEX piping requires additional supports. **When/if running vertically, PEX should be supported every 4 to 6 feet.
I see rust and floor satins due to bulk water.
TPR issues

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Yes I saw that at the inspection. It was dry to the touch but definitely has and will leak.

Pinhole leaks are notoriously hard to identify, but here are some clues for their existence:

  1. Unexplained condensation.
  2. Pipe discoloration.
  3. Mold or mildew growth.

In the world of plumbing, pinhole leaks are silent assassins. Pinhole leaks are also exclusive to copper piping.

We do not always feel bulk water or spray. The mineral build-up is one clue. The thick green patenia at the fitting and visual whitish streaking to the left are suspect indications water has leaked down the TPRV tube.