Walkable Roofing Material

You folks may find a similar topic in some other section…or not. Been having trouble posting a topic by being in the Internachi forum or the inspection community. Any suggestions there? LOL!

Anyway, the topic is walking on roofs that you should not walk upon. Clearly, flat concrete tile or Spanish clay tiles are usually not considered walkable. Inspect from a ladder! However, I will inspecting a home soon with roof stated as metal in the MLS listing. Whoever writes those listings are not very knowledgeable on some things. Yes I have seen such roofs that look like clay tile and are metal. Even visited a roofing site that deals in such material. The manufacterer states that the roofing material is walkable. If the roof turns out to be such a material I will still proceed with caution. Anyone have an experience with this material or have any suggestions?

We walk both flat and S style concrete tiles. Are these metal shingles? If yes, they dent if not walked on properly.

I disagree with that, but that’s another topic I suppose.

Anyway, there are many distinctly different types of metal roofs, you may be describing granulated metal roofing panels, or “stone coated roofing.”

Check the attic for construction type (sheathing, battens, etc.) before you decide to walk on it.
I’ve been on many of those metal panel roofs, although t hey aren’t very popular around here.

We have many metal roofs here and most are the flat panels. Yes I always inspect the attic if it is accessible before mounting any roof. Some homes here use 1 x 6 skip sheathing instead of plywood or OSB sheathing. When I get to the inspection I will make an educated decision. The buyer’s REA gave me the impression that the roof looked as if it were coated with asphalt, so that may be the granulated or the stone coat you mention.

Thanks for you help, again, Dominic.


Clearly, flat concrete tile roofs ARE EASILY WALKABLE!!!

Lame persons should skip the home inspection profession.


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Good for you Kenton, for picking up on the angry poster. Cheers :beers: or what!

Whether to walk a tile roof depends on the tile material, profile, quality, condition (age), and method of installation. Inspectors need to become familiar with what’s common in their area, and with roof tile in general.

(I learned the hard way, Martin)

As it turned out, the roofing material was metal in the design of Spanish clay tiles in sheet form and raised but not quite as round, coated with graduals and asphalt. I have seen them before and could not make out exactly what the material was from the photos I viewed on the MLS listing. I inspected from a ladder, pressed gently on them and looked around seeing where other folks may have mounted the roof stepped and dented. Took photos of the dents and reported that I would not mount the roof.

You pointed out the tile material, profile, quality, etc. How do all those points play into the whole scheme of things.