Strange Roof

The home I inspected today had aluminum roofing tiles. These tiles look like concrete tiles, but they are aluminum.

The owners said they could not be walked on. He said the roof was installed abot 8 years ago. He did not have much info on the roof other than it was manufactured by Reynolds Aluminum. The tiles were fastened with ringshank nails and there appeared to be at least one nail per tile.

Here are some photos, thanks in advance for your input.

The customer is having a hard time getting the roof insured because nobody is has seen this typ of system.

OOPs Let Me Get The Photos

aluminum roof photo 2.JPG

aluminum roof photo 3.JPG

aluminum roof photo 1.JPG

You may have to contact Reynolds Aluminum on that one. You may also need to go to the city and get a copy of the NOA.

Is it aluminum or metal. They are installing a lot of metal roofs now that the price is almost comperable to tile. From my understanding, the metal roofs are great roofs, have a high windload capacity, and a 50 year guarantee.

He may need an engineer on this one.

Thanks William, here are some photos. Have you ever seen one of these?


I have seen similar ones by Gerrard (and I cant think of the other company).

Picture #2 looks like an odd installation to me with that drip edge / flashing on the side.

My understanding is that these roofs are highly rated and have a long life span. They also sell for $1000.00 per square. Installation would be the major factor here - not too many companies know how to install them properly.

I have done about 20 of them strange at first . Seem to last for ever Did one the owner said it is 35 years old ( I know the owner personally ).
It looked just like every other one I have done no way to know how old they are .
One year or 35 they all looked the same .
The last one I did had spare shingles in the Basement .
Took one up to the roof no different.
This owner said they where 15 years old .
By the amount of dust I think he could be correct.
There was two companies making them in this area of Canada none now that I know of.
Please do not walk they need a lader laid on roof to walk on . … Cookie