Can anyone give me a little background on this type of roof tile?

Just ran into this a few days ago. The roof was still in pretty good condition , I just never saw this type of material before. It was about 1/8" thick, had aggregate finnish, and the underside looked and felt like fiberglass.

It’s just a molded composition asphalt shingle. Similar in installation and treatment to 3-tab shingles but resembles clay tile. The flashings and edges are still the most important areas for inspection. I wouldn’t walk it.

It looks to me like metal roofing:

Hey Cameron, do you have any doc on the molded asphalt shingles. I’ve never seen shingles like that and wouldn’t think it would hold its form much long unless the deck is formed that way.

I have done two that looked like this . Both where aluminum coated with granules.
. One Close to me looks the same now as when I inspected it 10 years ago .
Very soft do not walk some one did and it is dented in a couple of places . They had two spare pieces and I was told the roof was 10 years old all used and unused looked the same . I expect they have a long life .

see post

Stone coated metal shingle. Good in wind. Thin and fragile.

Metal tile roofs

I walked on several never caused any damage

here is a link to the PDF on installation proceedures.

You ca not walk this one with out doing damage .

Some one tried and did damage .

Thanks Russell. Those links were great.

Spoke without thinking and I stand corrected. Good information guys.

You can take schooling on them at

I agree, I wish such information was available for more roofing types.