wall cracks

The house is 13y/o. I had it inspected yesterday. There is moisture coming in through the foundation walls, but not enough to rot the wood on the adjacent steps leading upstairs or the framing of any of the walls in the basement. The inspector did not put down either down as a major issue, but he did say the moisture was something to be aware of. The gutter down spouts have eroded the dirt below them, which is where a lot of the moisture is coming from, and the grading on the house could be better. I did not see the cracks in the wall, but apparently he did.

Two questions, are cracks in the foundation walls common? I suspect they will only get worse over time.
If it were you, would you back away from the deal?

Cracks in a foundation wall are typical, sometimes they only let water in, sometimes they don’t let water in, sometimes they are a major defect. Way too little information. Try calling and asking your inspector. Communication with him is useally best. “Should I away from the deal you ask”. Only you can answer that.