Wall heaters

ok. How many of you would report a gas wall heater (35000 btu unit) located in the hallway that draws combusion air from the interior of the home that was built in the 50/s (not extremely tight construction). The heater is only six months old and was installed by HVAC company. The manufacturer instruction says that 50 cu ft per 1000 btus/hr is adequate for a non confined space and that air infiltration around windows and doors should be sufficient. The heater appears to meet the unconfined space requirements. I just feel unconfortable with combustion air coming from the interior… Wanted others opinions on this.:slight_smile:

If it meets the manufacturer’s installation instructions, typically, it’s okay with me.:wink:

Reccomend at least one CO alarm be installed in the house.

Reccomend that installing HVAC company show proof of adequate ventilation for application. “Should be OK” does not work in court. Just my opinion

Ralph Ramsey
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