Wall Vent in Garage

Found this wall vent near the ceiling of a garage opposite the furnace. Its made of plastic and is closeable. Should I recommend removing it and sealing the the opening or placeing firestop pillows behind it ?
Thanks for your help.

I would think that is a breach of fire wall rating system with that installation.
The local jurisdiction is the final answer but personally I point it out as a possible issue with the “local requirements” Recommend checking with town / city. Usually any penetration into the wall towards the living space is in question with respect to fire rating.

Probably was installed to warm the garage…but it does more to de-rate the requirements.

Did the garage have a self closing “person” door to the living space and was the door heavy solid wood or metal with a tag on the jamb? Some areas want the self closer, other don’t bother… Some don’t drywall above in the attic space to the roof structure others do…:roll:

There was a metal fired rated door but it was not self closing.