Giant hole in the garage firewall for HVAC VENTS

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I saw this yesterday the AC/Furnace were on the outside of the house in a small addition built for that reason. The problem is that the vents now run through the garage attic through the fire wall into the main house attic. Is this OK?

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No…and that wiring really sucks, too.

Yea I think that it was someone trying to flip this place. The electrical in this pic was nice compared to the rest of the house I dont think that anything was done right.

I see that all the time. I write it up as a breach in the fire wall. The wall needs to be properly sealed and fire caulked by a licensed contractor.

It covers my arse, but I can bet you that no one has ever repaired one of those breaches.

There’s so many other things wrong, but to your question, if the ceiling of the garage is fire-rated, it’s okay. Was the garage ceiling drywalled?

The ceiling is drywalled. Does that create the proper firebreak? I talked to my HVAC guy and he said that it is really common here (first time I have seen it) and that as long as the vent passing through is metal that it is ok because it wont carry a flame but he talking about commercial property and couldn’t give me a straight answer about residential.

Yes, if there are no openings in the drywall.

Here’s an illustration of what you should have in the garage…

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Boy, could you make that any smaller?

Your “HVAC guy” either didn’t understand the condition, or doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If the attic space is separated from the garage with a rated assembly, then the duct has not compromised the “firewall.”

wow…continues to amaze me on the things we see…firewall needs to be address along with the electrical issues

I agree with Jeff. If their is no breach in the garage ceiling and the sheetrock is of the right fire rating, then there is no breach in the firewall.

I totally agree with Jeff, I think that junction box is rated for up to 25 conductors, just missing coverplate:)

Thanks Everybody

That was a huge help. You guys should have seen the rest of the electrical:shock:

Flex duct work cannot pass through any type of firewall, some jurisdictions allow ridid ducts, others require a damper.

If the ceiling was intact that was not a fire wall, Ok so how many of you have seen fire rated pull down stairs, I have only seen two. The AHJ is on the fence with this but I right it up every time.:smiley: