Want to get your foot in the door?

Last week I finally finished a sample report for Commercial agents which I have been working on for a long time to make this the “perfect example” of what my company has to offer inspecting commercial buildings.

  1. Received in writing permission from the buyer to use this inspection report for a sample I specifically said I wanted too distribute too commercial real estate companies for marketing purposes. Received in writing permission to use all the other inspection reports, repair estimates, services which were performed by sub-contractors who did their inspections and quotes for repairs and upgrades needed or recommended.

  2. I printed the report for a 36,000 sq. ft. building I inspected about six months ago on expensive high gloss paper.

  3. Included the environmental engineers report who I paid for his service because this client wanted the package deal from my company for this particular property inspection, I have an environmental engineer who gives me a great price because not only do I use him, I also recommend him to possible clients who are looking for an environmental engineer whether they use my company or not for the inspection. I get quite a few calls from people just looking for the different phase’s available thinking I might do them my self, so the referrals I give the environmental engineering company here give me great prices when I use them my self as part of my package deal available to customers.

  4. Included the ten page “Electrical” inspection report my electrician did in “Microsoft Word” for this building.

  5. Included the three page HVAC report, which included what repairs were necessary now, a quote to make the repairs.

  6. Included and estimate from a licensed plumbing company to replace numerous old gate valves which did not work, were leaking, or needed to be upgraded.

  7. Included repair estimates from three licensed roofing contractors to make the repairs which were necessary (they varied in price significantly for the same repairs, I was rather stunned with those estimates), but they were the quotes-estimates so I added them to the report.

  8. Included a one page quote from three different asphalt companies to slurry coat the parking lot and re-strip it.

  9. Included the Termite Report (building had termites) and an quote-estimate to treat the building from a company I use regularly.

  10. Made copies for 10 complete property condition reports, put everything together in expensive binders with a high gloss picture of the building which was inspected inside the front cover of the binder taking up half of the front cover and put my company information, logo etc in the front of the binder also to make it look great.

  11. I dropped them off at 10 of the largest commercial real estate companies in Scottsdale & Phoenix last week by simply walking in and handing them to the receptionist asking her to please let the agents see this. I did not talk to a single agent, just dropped the sample off to show what I can do for their clients.

Today I already received a call from an agent from one of the companies who wants a quote for a building he received a purchase offer on this weekend, a 76,000 sq. ft. shopping center and also said when his broker gets back in town this week he was sure the broker would be calling me also, he thought this sample is very impressive.

So if anyone wants to get into the commercial inspection business, a great sample of what you have to offer is very important.

Your phone will ring if you do this correctly, and you will make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Okay Dale,
Who do I have to kill to get a copy of it?

Lets see it Dale.

Wow! This is impressive!

Thanks, Dale…you guys should see this! :mrgreen: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome advice Dale!

See what?
Wow! This is impressive!

Thanks, Dale…you guys should see this! :mrgreen: :grin: :razz:

What are you talking about.(the report?)
Post it.

This is best achieved with your own product, plagiarizing someone’s work and not being able to duplicate/deliver may get you arse slammed in the same door your foot got in. :shock:

Dale, nicely itemized the how-to now all anyone requires is the sub-contacts and finding the Top Commercial Wheelers and Dealers in your market.

Kudos Duffy…:mrgreen: Lookin’ Great!

Yack Yack… Barry.
I am talking about the sample Report.
He has permission to post it.

Touchy are we, Bob-O

Agreed. Dale was a general contractor for many years and knows this end of the business from construction experience. He’s too humble to admit it…:stuck_out_tongue:

I repeat…:mrgreen: :grin: :razz:

Dale has a great handle on commercial.

Barry you are the second person to call me touchy in three days.
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May as well learn from the best. :smiley:

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I’m sure the hardest part is finding reputable subs to do a quality inspection and give you a report that you don’t have to disect.

Great advice Dale, as always. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and doesn’t have to shovel snow to inspect the roof.

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Which is what sparked the idea in my head when I drafted this thread.

I’ve been doing light commercial for quite some time actually. Just jobs that I can do myself along with an electrician. I want Dale to show me how to inspect pin setting machines at bowling alleys…:sarcasm: :smiley:

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