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Nick, can you explain what it is about?:slight_smile:

Yes a little more info would be nice. I did a google search, and didn’t come up with much.

Marcel, this is a bit of topic of this thread but, I just got my copy of the Master shingle applicator from CertainTeed. Thanks for the info you posted a while back about taking this course. Looks good! The manual states (in fact seem to encourage) to talk to people that you know have taken the course. I was wondering if I may contact you if I have any questions. Do you know of anyone else that has taken this course?

Well I found some more infor here:

And here;

Now maybe Nick can elaborate on all of this.

Greg, I know quite a few took the course but no names. I think Jeff Jonas had taken it. Not sure.

We set up a for-profit company, ComInspect, with the goal of landing commercial proprty inspection jobs and giving them to InterNACHI members.

The icing on the cake is that I learned how to market and sell commercial property inspections on a grand scale and can use what I learned to help members who want to do similarly. I’ve begun writing articles and putting them in the Commercial section of

Also, by forming an actual network, we get some other advantages: group buying power, group marketing power, bulk printing, cross referrals (something that works well for commercial inspections), insurance company contracts, the ability to land national and even international inspection contracts from lenders, and maybe even group insurance discounts.

This is sounding fairly interesting to me. Maybe it’s not everyones cup of tea, but I would like to hear more. Not sure if this will work well for me or at least in my neck of the woods (I live in a very small community in Canada). But if your telling me that you can help me land the com inspections around here, I’d be all for it!

Can you explain how you go about selling Commercial Property Inspections and where this would take place and who will be buying?:slight_smile:

Nick, I have already started disecting your ComSOP and hopefully complete it before to long.
Here is a sneak preview of it here;

Not close to being done, but getting there. Thought to put it on my website.

Cyr Home & Commercial Property Inspections
Standard of Practice for Commercial Inspections


**An inspection to provide written communication describing the issues discovered from observations made and research conducted that, in the inspector’s opinion, is likely to be of interest to the client. **

**To enhance the client’s information and knowledge about the commercial property to improve decision-making for buying, selling, maintaining, or improving the property. **


The client should understand that no inspection report is completely accurate. A report is only the written communication of the observations made and research conducted by the inspector. The report contains those items, which in the inspector’s opinion are likely to be of interest to the client.


**The client should understand that the inspection report is, to a large degree, the subjective opinions of the inspector based on observations and research within the limits of access, time, and budget, and without the aid of special equipment or meters, and without dismantling, probing, testing, or trouble \shooting, and without detailed knowledge of the commercial property, its components or its systems. The inspection report is not much more than a subjective professional opinion. **

Architectural/engineering service:

**The inspection is in accordance with the standards of practice and not practicing Architecture or Engineering. **


**The inspection is not a warranty and the inspection report is merely the written communication of the subjective opinion on the condition of the subject property. **


Includes the review of documents and the performing of interviews, to augment the information obtained during the walk-through survey and to provide supporting documentation to the inspection report.

Document Procurement:

**It is the client’s responsibility to obtain copies of all documents and provide them for the inspector. These documents are most often obtained from the seller or from local government offices. Cyr Inspections Services is not responsible for gathering or paying for copies of appropriate documents to be reviewed unless these tasks are specifically assigned to the inspector in the scope of work agreement. **

**Documents provided the inspector shall be included in the report. **
Such documents as supplied by the client, may include;

Building Plans
Certificates of Occupancy
Deck age records, plans and construction permits
Deck and balcony maintenance, power wshing, painting, treating, repair and modification history.
**Emergency evacuation plans **
Environmental studies
Fire detection and test maintenance records
Fire door inspection reports
Fire prevention plans
Fire extinguisher records
Kitchen grease cleaning records
Manufacturer’s installation instructions
Rent records
Repair estimates/invoices
Safety inspection records
Seller disclosures
Sprinkler head replacement records
Utility bills

Walk-Through survey


**To allow the inspector to visually observe the subject property, gather information and note items of interest. **

Access responsibility

**The client is responsible to arrange for the inspector to receive timely access to the subject property for the walk-through survey portion of the inspections and access to all documents and interviewees needed for the research portion of the inspection. **
**Anything that should hinder the inspectors access, will be noted in the report. **

Items that the inspector shall observe are listed below:

Roof and components

Exterior of Building and Grounds

Wood decks and balconies if any

Basement, foundation, and crawlspace

**Heating and ventilating **





Attic ventilation and insulation

Doors, windows and interior

Life-safety issues

Cooking areas

More to come soon. :slight_smile:

This was being discussed last year I believe and there was some opposition form certain members that made Nick put this on the back burner. I am glad to see that there is something being done with it after all this time. It would be interesting to see what it shapes into. Hopefully it won’t be like the Move In Certified program that really didn’t catch on except for a few pockets in the country.

Nice Marcel!

MoveInCertified is becoming the norm with many listing agents across N. America. It makes too much sense for the agent’s own real estate business. Read:

If you wait for the program to “catch on” in your market, you’ll be too late. Take the biggest listing agents in your area to lunch tomorrow and read them You’ll end up with 50 inspections, and those 50 will lead to 250.

Marcel, open up Home Inspector Pro and look at the 2 InterNACHI Commercial Templates, both following the CommSOP. That’s what you’d use on these inspections.

I’ve used the InterNACHI ComSOP on several commercial inspection for a while now. I thought I’d joined this network when it first came out.


Commercial Inspections?
I’m into it.
It can be up to 20 % or more of my work and it is lucrative.
More lucrative than residential for the time spent, but it is writing intensive.

But you have to know your stuff, and that can be everything from civil engineering earthwork & drainage, commercial/industrial sprinkler systems, structural steel, precast and post-tensioned concrete, gas fired infrared space heating, commercial EFIS wall and EPDM roofing systems to name a few that are rarely seen in residential properties.

Fortunately I have a strong background in commercial construction and retrofit /repurpose renovations.

Marcel Cyr, thank you for the com sop version that you posted. We can never have too many examples.

All the commercial inspection reports that I have seen are ASTM E 2018-01 formats, either full strength or watered down versions of it.
The ASTM E 2018-01 standard is a very flexible and powerful tool. It can be as all encompassing or as restrictive as the job requirements need.

If you aren’t familiar with it I recommend taking the seminar class from Joe Farsetta. I took it 2 years ago and it opened my eyes to the adaptability and definition it gives to the scope of the job.

That definition fits the standard to the job, protects the inspector, and defines (and focuses) the clients expectations. You even get to build-in scope expansion coverage for unforeseen conditions and expert consultation.

Try and work that into a residential contract. It won’t happen.

I welcome the formation of this ComInspect Network and the development of NACHI’s COM SOP.

Robert Butler []
Aspect Inspection
Montreal, Quebec](“”)

Hey Marcel, Dominic will have, Fire Door, Fireplace, and Accessibility, templates for HIP that strictly follow the ComSop. I am adding narratives to them now. I think they will be in the next release.

:cool: Sounds good James. Did you get hit by that storm yet?

If your looking to get into commercial inspection, I would highly recommend the course with Joe Farsetta, his approach and breakdown of the standards are incredable and will open your eyes to the full possibilities of the standards

Wish he would come to Maine once in awhile Bill.
Not enough members in Maine I guess.
It would be a privelige for all to have him teach a class in Portland. :):smiley:

Hey, I work mostly in commercial bldgs. Hospitals,schools,mfg plants ect…
I’d love to get signed up:cool:

Do you have a fax number i can fax it to?